1. The deadline to submit nominations for this year’s Robert J. Collier trophy is coming up Jan. 31, the National Aeronautic Association announced this week. The prestigious award is given annually to recognize "the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year."

  2. The new tax bill that was passed by Congress last year is awaiting President Trump’s signature to become law, but that is expected to happen soon. Aviation experts already have been combing through the Tax Act to find out how it will affect the various segments of general aviation, from private owners with small airplanes to corporations with their own fleet of jets. NBAA says the new law will allow taxpayers to immediately write off the cost of business aircraft.

  3. Peter Maurer is retiring as CEO of Diamond Canada and moving to a new role in “senior global strategy and business development” according to a news release from the newly reunited Diamond Aircraft Industries.

  4. Searchers will return to a remote area of the Rocky Mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia, after relatives of two people missing in a suspected plane crash found a fuzzy drone photo in which the words "help" or "here" appear to be written in the snow.

  5. While the National Airspace System remains open and accessible to all aircraft, the government shutdown, which began Saturday morning, could affect thousands of owners, operators and pilots if it persists.

  6. Thanks to a big kick from the jet stream, Norwegian Airlines is laying claim to the fastest non-Concorde airline flight between New York and London (Gatwick).

  7. The FAA says it's satisfied by measures undertaken by Transport Canada and Air Canada to address a couple of serious errors by Air Canada crews at San Francisco International Airport in 2017.

  8. Pilots tuning into the ATIS at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Saturday got a laundry list of closed taxiways, a bird advisory, and an apology … ATIS: We apologize for any delay you might have today. Due to our elected leaders’ inability to for effectively run (the) government, staffing is short. So sorry. Dilly Dilly … Todd Huvard

  9. On Aug 22nd, 2017 while flying near Myrtle Beach, to Triple Tree Aerodrome, SC to watch the total solar eclipse, there was the following exchange … Experimental: Florence Approach, Experimental NXXXX Request … Florence Approach: NXXXX go ahead … Experimental: N7XXXX requests vectors to where the sun doesn't shine … Florence Approach: Now that's funny … Martin Heller

  10. Former Major League pitcher Roy Halladay had three drugs in his system when his Icon A5 crashed off the coast of Florida in November.

  11. Emirates Airlines has extended the production life of the A380 with a firm order for 20 aircraft and an option for 16 more.

  12. Australian lifeguards used a drone to drop a flotation device to some swimmers in trouble and are claiming a world first for the resulting rescue.